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Million Dollar Exits Ep.3 with JK Molina: From A Free Twitter Account To $1.4M Acquisition

Welcome to the third episode of “Million Dollar Exits” - a special series brought to you by The Build In Public Podcast.This episode features JK Molina, the 22-year-ol...

Million Dollar Exits Ep.2 with James Clift: Insights On The Success of Building and Selling VisualCV

Welcome to the second episode of “Million Dollar Exits” - a special  series brought to you by The Build In Public Podcast.This episode features James Clift, currently ...

Million Dollar Exits Ep.1 with Tibo Louis-Lucas; Lessons from selling TweetHunter and becoming Maker Of The Year

Welcome to the debut episode of the “Million Dollar Exits”, a special  series brought to you by The Build In Public Podcast.This episode features Tibo Louis-Lucas, fou...

The Power of Learning How To Learn (feat. Andrew Barry)

Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.Today's episode features Andrew Barry, the founder, and CEO of Curious Lion, a Leaning Culture consulting fir...

How To Navigate Pre-Seed Challenges: Insights from a HealthTech Investor (feat. Owen Willis)

Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.Today's episode features Owen Willis, a prolific operator, community builder and investor in the healthtech s...

Why You Need To Be A Part of A Community Right Now (feat. Gina Bianchini)

An interview with the community business pioneer, founder of Mighty Networks, Gina Bianchini

Product Hunt Tips: How to Successfully Launch on Product Hunt

An episode about Launching on Product Hunt, and everything before and after

Gary Vee’s Secret To Become A Successful Entrepreneur (The Founder Hotline feat. Gary Vee)

An interview with Serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk.

How To Build In Public As A Founder Successfully?

In this episode, KP visits Day One’s Founders Found Here Podcast as a guest which is hosted by Jake Hurwitz.

Building a Pre-Seed Fund For Untapped Founders (feat. Yohei Nakajima)

An interview with Yohei Nakajima, General Partner at Untapped Capital.

How to Make $100,000 with Your Newsletter (feat. Josh Spector)

An interview with the creative entrepreneur, Josh Spector.

How To Become A Professional Content Creator (feat. Jay Clouse)

An interview with Jay Clouse, host of Creative Elements podcast and founder of The Lab (formerly the Creative Companion Club)

From Zero to Angel Investor (feat. Brian Nichols)

An interview with Brian Nichols, Venture Partner at Hustle Fund.

Fixing The Way The World Remembers People Who Have Died (feat. Rehan Choudhry)

An interview with Rehan Choudhry, founder of mobile-first memorialization platform Chptr.

How Stoa Is Democratizing Access To Business Education (feat. Aditya Kulkari and Raj Kunkolienkar)

An interview with the Aditya Kulkarni and Raj Kunkolienkar — founders of STOA

How To Educate A Million Entrepreneurs Of All Shapes And Sizes? (feat. Day One Founders)

An interview with Day One Community Founders, Andrew Hutton and Rahul Brahmbhatt

Why Every Marketer Needs A Swipe File (feat. Corey Haines)

An interview w/ the Swipe Files Founder and Default Alive podcast host

How To Grow a Sustainable Business and Live A Life Of Service (feat. Tiago Forte)

An interview with Tiago Forte, founder of Forte Labs and creator of Building a Second Brain

How to Get Your Business Go Viral on TikTok (feat. Julia Montgomery aka @itxmejules)

An interview with Julia Montgomery, the rising Tiktok star and CEO of Influent

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Creators Building In Public

An episode about what creators should possess to become successful through building in public.

How To Build A Million Dollar Content Business (feat. Justin Welsh)

An interview with Justin Welsh, founder of The Saturday Solopreneur

The Playbook Of Learning In Public & How To Thought Lead (feat. Shawn @swyx Wang)

An interview with Shawn "Swyx" Wang, Head of DX at Airbyte

Life After One Of India's Biggest Startup Exits (feat. Phanindra Sama)

An interview with Phanindra Sama, co-founder, and former CEO of Redbus.

Building A Command Center For Communities (feat. Threado Team)

An interview with Pramod Rao (co-founder & CEO), Abhishek Nalin (co-founder & CTO) and Sharath Kuruganty (Head of Community) of Threado which is an online platform tha...

Why The Next Wave Of Startups Will Be Community-Led (feat. Sharath Kuruganty)

An interview with Sharath Kuruganty, Head of Community at Threado and recipient of Product Hunt’s Maker Grant award.

Building A Silicon Valley Startup As A Scrappy Immigrant (feat. Michelle Marcelline)

An interview with Michelle Marcelline, co-founder & CEO of Typedream, a no-code website builder platform.

Interview with Danny Miranda [Host of The Danny Miranda Podcast]

In this episode, I chatted with Danny Miranda, who I believe is the world's most underrated podcaster. On his show, The Danny Miranda Podcast, he produced over 250 epi...

Episode w Khe Hy (Founder & CEO of RadReads)

In this special episode [episode #25], I chatted with Khe Hy, Founder and CEO of RadReads, an online education company that helps professionals lead productive, examin...

Episode w Mariam Hakobyan (Co-founder & CEO of Softr)

In this episode, I chatted with Mariam Hakobyan, co-founder and CEO of Softr, a no-code platform that helps you build websites, web apps or internal tools using simple...

Episode w Raad Mobrem (Co-Founder & CEO of Intro)

In this episode, I chatted with Raad, the CEO of, a new marketplace to discover and hire world-class experts for advice (introduced to me by Alexis Ohanian wh...

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