Million Dollar Exits Ep.8 with Alex Isora: How To Create An Acquire-Worthy SaaS

Welcome to the eighth episode of “Million Dollar Exits” - a special series brought to you by The Build In Public Podcast.

This episode features Alexander Isora - founder of Unicorn Platform, a SaaS tool that Alex bootstrapped, grew and sold after ~4 years.

In this interview, Alex and KP tackled different topics about Alex’s experiences throughout his journey and their personal thoughts about:
●     Why Alex started Unicorn Platform
●     His thought process when he was still starting
●     His zero to one phase; how Alex got his first customers
●     Unicorn Platform’s validation as an idea and its growth pace
●     Switching from a lifetime deal as a business model to MRR model SaaS
●     Alex’s key lessons and observations from his first $1000 MRR
●     How to create loyal customers and super fans
●     Preparing a product for acquisition from day 1
●     John, founder of MarsX and buyer of Unicorn Platform
●     The agreement between Alex and John upon the acquisition
●     Alex’s tips for people who want to have a successful exit
●     Misconceptions debunked through Alex’s experience
●     Reflections and advice for when failures come
●     How Alex manages the wide range of competition and copycats
●     Alex’s main goal for Unicorn Platform for the next 3 years

Million Dollar Exits is a special podcast series that uncovers insider stories and actionable lessons with founders who went from an idea to 7-figure exits.
It is a special segment within the Build In Public Podcast - an interview show where KP chats with ambitious startup founders, CEOs, and top Internet creators to unpack their stories, insights, and lessons.

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Million Dollar Exits Ep.8 with Alex Isora: How To Create An Acquire-Worthy SaaS
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