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Episode 12 with Kai Han

In this episode, I chatted with a Kai Han, co-founder and CEO of Pallet, a startup building hiring tools for communities and creators. I've been following Pallet's journey from early days to their recent $7m seed round and personally use their platform for my audience. Kai and I are hyper bullish about the potential for reimagining hiring. In this episode, we go over a bit of his origin story and what led him to start Pallet, their current roadmap and future experiments he is excited about. I had a blast chatting with him and hope you enjoy this!

Episode 11 with Ruben Harris

In this episode, I chatted with a truly special guest who has been a shining example of the philosophy of building in public for years. Ruben Harris is the co-founder and CEO of Career Karma, a platform that helps people find a job training program online to break into the tech industry. Previously, he was the founder and a co-host of the very popular podcast "Breaking Into Startups" and Ruben is a Bay Area transplant from Atlanta, Georgia (where I live now). I've been following his story for a while on Twitter, Instagram, and on podcasts so this interview was years in the making. In this authentic and inspiring chat, we covered several topics like starting mission-driven startups, why every company is a media company and why founders should tell their stories directly themselves by building in public, his Atlanta memories, NBA icons, and more. I had a blast chatting with him and hope you enjoy this!

Episode 10 with Kat Cole

In this episode, I sat down with one of my favorite community-minded business leaders on Twitter. Kat Cole was the former COO & President of Focus Brands (which owns popular eateries like Auntie Anne's and Cinnabon etc), an active angel investor, advisor, public speaker, and a board member of several high-growth startups. She also writes a newsletter at https://katcole.substack.com/ and can be found at @katcoleATL on Twitter. In this chat, we discuss her latest interest in NFTs, how leaders should be curious about emerging trends and technologies, why she believes in the concept of possibility lens, and what she is up to in this season of her career. Kat was incredibly gracious and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn about her story and her perspective on many things that became an inspiring episode. Hope you'll like it. Thanks for listening!

Episode 9 with Justin Jackson

In this episode, I sat down with one of the most influential indie hackers Justin Jackson. He's a co-founder of Transistor.fm (the very platform on which my podcast is hosted!) which is a podcast hosting and analytics tool used by clients like Indie Hackers, the Vegas Golden Knights, and VH1. He also writes a newsletter, hosts a podcast called "Build Your SaaS" and runs a community called MegaMaker. In this chat, we discuss how indie developers can win in a market filled with behemoth companies by prioritizing customer service and UX design. We also touch on the power of building "calm" companies and the freedom it allows, how to check the water (look for demand) before creating new startups and so on. Justin is a brilliant thinker and a wonderful person that I enjoyed learning from. Thanks for listening!

Episode 8 with Arvid Kahl

In this episode, I sat down with Arvid Kahl who is a successful bootstrapped founder, writer, software engineer, and speaker. Arvid built and sold an EdTech SaaS company "FeedbackPanda" with his partner Danielle in just 2 years. Later he published 2 best-selling books "Zero To Sold" and "The Embedded Entrepreneur" while also building a loyal community of 30,000+ bootstrappers and founders on Twitter. In this friendly and authentic conversation, I invite him to break down how he has been able to co-create his books with his audience, lessons, and tips he learned from writing two popular books in public and we discuss one surprise announcement at the end. I had a blast and hope you enjoy it too.

Episode 7 with Aadit Sheth and Sahil Patel

In this episode, I sat down with two of the fastest-growing creators on Twitter, Aadit Sheth and Sahil Patel. They built an audience of more than 20,000 followers each at a rapid and despite being remarkably young, they both have a knack of staying authentic and community-first. In our conversation, I invite them to break down their frameworks on consistency, building in public, and content experiments. I also uncovered some top tips and actionable advice on how to stand out on Twitter if you are just getting started. I hope you'll like this chat!

Episode 6 with Josh Fabian (Co-founder and CEO, Metafy)

In this episode, I sat down with Josh Fabian, CEO of Metafy which is a coaching platform for gamers that recently raised an $8.65m seed round from top investors like Naval Ravikant, Alexis Ohanian and funds like Forerunner and DCM. In our light-hearted authentic conversation, we discussed the origin story of Metafy, why Josh has been sharing investor updates publicly, how he adopted the principle of building in public as a VC-backed startup founder and his no-BS approach to building trust with his customers. I had a ton of fun getting to know the worldview of Josh and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Episode 5 with Paige Finn Doherty (Founding Partner at Behind Genius Ventures)

In this episode, I sat down with a friend and an emerging fund manager Paige Finn Doherty who's building Behind Genius Ventures. BGV is a $5m early-stage fund that invests in product-led growth companies with a focus on GenZ & underrepresented founders. In our conversation, we get into Paige's origin story and what brought her to the venture space, how building in public on Twitter helped her launch a children's book on venture, and why she's driven to invest in product-led companies. 

Episode 4 with Gary Vaynerchuk

In this *incredibly memorable* episode, I interview one of my favorite business icons Gary Vaynerchuk. We discuss his latest NFT project VeeFriends, the origin story behind this idea, and what it means to him. We also cover topics like "Document, don't create" and how that message has inspired me to create what is now a movement called "Build In Public". In the end, we go deep into Gary's psyche and discuss what motivates him, lessons he learned as an immigrant, and finally his best advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs. It was an honor interviewing him and unpacking a ton of wisdom, I hope you all enjoy this chat! 

Episode 3 with Warren Shaeffer (Co-Founder & CEO of Knowable)

In this episode, I sat down with a friend and a VC-backed startup founder Warren Shaeffer who's building Knowable. Knowable is an app to discover fun, 10-min daily audio lessons from top thinkers, experts, and authors + weekly live discussions. In our conversation, we get into the power and limits of transparency as a startup founder, when and how to build in public and geek out about simply daily habits that compound.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/buildinpublic/message

Episode 2 with Paul Yacoubian (CEO) and Blake Emal (CMO) of CopyAI

In this episode, I sat down to have a light-hearted conversation with two amazing startup operators who are top-class practitioners of building in public. We chat with CopyAI's CEO Paul Yacoubian and CMO Blake Emal about the origin story of CopyAI, building a strong community on Twitter, mental models they use while building in public, and some actionable advice for other founders.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/buildinpublic/message

Episode 1 with Alex Lieberman (Co-Founder & CEO of Morning Brew)

In this inaugural episode of the Build In Public podcast, KP sits down with Alex Lieberman (Co-Founder and CEO of Morning Brew) to discuss the benefits, risks, downsides, and the full 360 of the mindset of building in public. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/buildinpublic/message

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