Writing Hacks and Curiosity Gaps: Secrets Of Substack (feat. Linda Lebrun)

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Today's episode features Linda Lebrun, the person behind Writer Partnerships at Substack.com which is a subscription network based on writing, podcasting, community, and other forms of culture-making. The network has more than 35 million active subscriptions, including 2 million paid subscriptions.

In this interview, Linda shares her thoughts and insights on topics such as:

• How she ended up joining Substack
• Linda's first two months at Substack
• Challenges she faced in her early days at Substack and how she overcame them
• What attributes does Substack look for in a content creator that entice them to reach out
• Linda’s thoughts about writers finding their niche
• Some examples of successful niches in Substack
• Best performing features in Substack
• Linda’s tips on how to become a top writer in Substack
• The significance of proofreading before publishing content
• Linda’s writing hacks
• Putting in reps and work on curiosity gap when writing
• The significance of tone in excellent content writing

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Writing Hacks and Curiosity Gaps: Secrets Of Substack (feat. Linda Lebrun)
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