Million Dollar Exits Ep.2 with James Clift: Insights On The Success of Building and Selling VisualCV

Welcome to the second episode of “Million Dollar Exits” - a special  series brought to you by The Build In Public Podcast.

This episode features James Clift, currently the founder of Durable, an AI website builder that generates an entire business website. He grew Visual VC to 4M+ members which eventually led to his million dollar exit.

In this interview, James shares his strategies as well as his insights on topics such as:
●    James’s journey in his career
●    Launching Durable
●    James’ Million Dollar Exit story
●    What is James’ advice for his younger self about finances  
●    The role of money for entrepreneurs vs. to employees
●    What is something that most founders believe is important, but James believes is not
●    His techniques and strategies that are different from his peers
●    What difficulties James has faced in the past that he hopes to avoid in the long run
●    Impact of stress + how to see and go beyond it
●    Value of being in a community for James
●    What beliefs James had 5 years ago that he had to unlearn to become successful
●    James' life theory: the concept of energy
●    His next Million Dollar Exit strategy
●    His thoughts on SaaS tools and navigating various streams of revenue

Million Dollar Exits is a special podcast series that uncovers insider stories and actionable lessons with founders who went from an idea to 7-figure exits.

It is a special segment within the Build In Public Podcast - an interview show where KP chats with ambitious startup founders, CEOs, and top Internet creators to unpack their stories, insights, and lessons.

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Million Dollar Exits Ep.2 with James Clift: Insights On The Success of Building and Selling VisualCV
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