From Zero to Angel Investor (feat. Brian Nichols)

An interview with Brian Nichols, Venture Partner at Hustle Fund.
Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features Founder, Operator and Investor, Brian Nichols. He is a Venture Partner at Hustle Fund and currently runs the Angel squad - a vetted community of angel investors. Previously, he founded the Lyft Syndicate and invested $30M+ together across 70+ startups.

After going through his journey from rejections to finally breaking into VC as an investor, and now helping thousands of angels through the Angel Squad, Brian delves into some insights such as:

- How Brian started with angel investing
- How Brian describes Angel Squad and the typical personas
- Lessons learned from building 8 cohorts and value prop comparison then and now
- Brian’s vision for the Angel Squad
- The story behind the creation of his Lyft angel syndicate
- What Brian looks for in a deal and some investing advice for marketplaces
- Framework of finding a niche and building an unfair advantage
- Brian’s advice for angel investors who’re getting started

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From Zero to Angel Investor (feat. Brian Nichols)
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