Million Dollar Exits Ep.4 with Arvid Kahl: How to Succeed in Bootstrapping a Business

Welcome to the fourth episode of “Million Dollar Exits” - a special series brought to you by The Build In Public Podcast.

This episode features Arvid Kahl, co-founder of FeedbackPanda - an online teacher productivity SaaS company, that he and his partner built, bootstrapped to $55k MRR, and sold in under two years.

In this interview, Arvid shares his bootstrapping expertise and in-depth knowledge on topics such as:

• Arvid’s thoughts on why just a few founders choose to bootstrap
• Growth-to-Profitability shift and current market trends
• Train Theory: a founder’s long-term journey
• The benefits and the pressure from bootstrapping
• How to deal with failures in business
• What changed after Arvid reached 100k Twitter followers
• Arvid's journey in building FeedbackPanda 5 years ago vs. how he would have built it now
• Tips on how to find a great SaaS idea
• Arvid's advice on scaling a startup from 0 to 1,000 MRR and then to 55k MRR
• The importance of building reputation with your customers
• Considerations in pursuing a bootstrapped business
• The theory of invalidating ideas
• Mistakes and lessons from his bootstrapped startup
• Arvid's advice for people with the same aspirations

Million Dollar Exits is a special podcast series that uncovers insider stories and actionable lessons with founders who went from an idea to 7-figure exits.

It is a special segment within the Build In Public Podcast - an interview show where KP chats with ambitious startup founders, CEOs, and top Internet creators to unpack their stories, insights, and lessons.

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Million Dollar Exits Ep.4 with Arvid Kahl: How to Succeed in Bootstrapping a Business
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