From Zero To $7K MRR: Tips And Lessons (feat. Olly Meakings)

Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features Oliver “Olly” Meakings, Co-founder of Senja, a platform that makes it easy to collect video and text testimonials from clients and customers. He has now taken Senja to $7K MRR while also being prolific at building in public, sharing his highs and lows in being a founder.

In this interview, Olly shares his journey and perspective on topics such as:
  • What is Senja and how long has Olly been at it
  • Sharing both the highs and the lows of his journey
  • Why Olly loves building in public
  • The “messy middle” of growing a startup
  • Going from zero MRR to beginning a partnership
  • His non-obvious lessons from getting his first customer to now
  • Tips on gaining and gathering testimonials
  • Handling customers from onboarding to feedbacking
  • Olly’s observation about the way SaaS products grow
  • How to set expectations as a founder
  • Going into a niche filled with competition
  • How to navigate having a lot of competitors

Build In Public Podcast is an interview show where KP chats with ambitious startup founders, CEOs, and top Internet creators to unpack their stories, insights, and lessons.

Thanks for listening and let me know what you think!

From Zero To $7K MRR: Tips And Lessons (feat. Olly Meakings)
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