Million Dollar Exits Ep.9 with Andrew Gazdecki: How To Grow Your Startup For Future Acquisition

Welcome to the ninth episode of “Million Dollar Exits” - a special series brought to you by The Build In Public Podcast.

This episode features Andrew Gazdecki – founder and CEO of MicroAcquire, now Acquire is a platform that helps different entrepreneurs for startups and acquisitions.
He previously founded The Job Board and Bizness Apps that both led to highly successful exits

In this interview, Andrew and KP dive into topics about Andrew’s journey, sharing their thoughts and insights about:
● Recent updates on
● Andrew’s backstory and experiences going from idea to exit
● Actions to achieve improvements on business
● How Andrew manages to be fast but patient
● How to keep customers happy
● focusing to offer best products and startups
● Bootstrapping as an effective way to stair-stepping a business
● Steps to building your first startup or business
● Andrew’s opinions on AI trends and tips on how to get into AI
● His advice on growing a product to be a great asset for potential buyers
● going from a year with zero paying customers to success
● Andrew’s and KP’s stories about being hands-on dads
● Defining of what success is and appreciating life 

Million Dollar Exits is a special podcast series that uncovers insider stories and actionable lessons with founders who went from an idea to 7-figure exits.
It is a special segment within the Build In Public Podcast - an interview show where KP chats with ambitious startup founders, CEOs, and top Internet creators to unpack their stories, insights, and lessons.

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Million Dollar Exits Ep.9 with Andrew Gazdecki: How To Grow Your Startup For Future Acquisition
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