Why Every Marketer Needs A Swipe File (feat. Corey Haines)

An interview w/ the Swipe Files Founder and Default Alive podcast host
Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features Swipe Files Founder and Default Alive podcast host, Corey Haines. With 75 episodes on his podcast show, while helping exceptional products get the attention they deserve, Corey shares his knowledge and expertise on some interesting topics:

• How Corey found his way to SaaS, Software, Tech and Marketing
• His version of Rob Walling’s Stair-Stepping Approach, and how this can be utilized in the world of founders
• Why SaaS companies should aim to do marketing like a media company, how it “drives business results in a differentiated, better way” (and companies who are great at doing it)
• Curation VS. Creation and how founders can apply it to their branding style
SwipeWell, Swipe Files and their ways to help you master marketing
• Corey’s podcasting journey: the hurdles and the lessons
• Shared some valuable tips for beginner podcasters

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Corey’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/coreyhainesco
Swipe Files site: https://www.swipefiles.com/ 

KP’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisiskp_ 

KP's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/KarthikPuvvadaKP
Why Every Marketer Needs A Swipe File (feat. Corey Haines)
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