Building a Pre-Seed Fund For Untapped Founders (feat. Yohei Nakajima)

An interview with Yohei Nakajima, General Partner at Untapped Capital.
Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features Yohei Nakajima, an entrepreneur, investor and productivity geek. Yohei is currently a General Partner at Untapped Capital which is a pre-seed/seed VC firm investing in unexpected founders, found off the beaten path, not yet well connected into the global startup ecosystem. 

In this interview, Yohei shares his insights and perspectives on topics such as:

● Yohei's career and his roles at Techstars, Scrum Ventures and now at Untapped
● His working thesis and the fund’s focus
● How he took 1000+ LP meetings to successfully raise money for his fund
● Focusing on the power of Outbound as an pre-seed investor and its strategic advantages
● What his ‘Mentor Madness’ and ‘Hunting Mode’ is all about.
● Proactive sourcing mentors and how to talk to them
● How he looks for companies and employees through different websites effectively
● The importance of talking to more people, pitching, and facing the fear of rejection.
● His strategy for portfolio construction
● His thoughts on “micro-meditation”
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Building a Pre-Seed Fund For Untapped Founders (feat. Yohei Nakajima)
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