The Power of Learning How To Learn (feat. Andrew Barry)

Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features Andrew Barry, the founder, and CEO of Curious Lion, a Leaning Culture consulting firm reimagining how high-growth B2B tech companies learn. He is an accomplished education consultant, previously a Program Director at On Deck Course Creators, a CPA, and an entrepreneur.

In this interview, Andrew shares his journey and perspective on topics such as:
·        Andrew’s journey in his education career
·        How his teaching career translated into starting Curious Lion
·        How joining in startups served as a stepping stone for Andrew to build his own business
·        His first 6 months of the journey in Curious Lion
·        Andrew’s framework in figuring out how he learns before teaching
·        Impactful Framework that helped Andrew and served as a benefit to others.
·        How Andrew decided to build his own business
·        Andrew’s take on Total Enablement and its value
·        How niching down helps Andrew in effectively reaching his audiences.
·        Importance of having a strong focus for entrepreneurs

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The Power of Learning How To Learn (feat. Andrew Barry)
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