How VCs Raise Money From Investors (LPs) feat. Gale Wilkinson

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Today's episode features Gale Wilkinson, founder and Managing Partner at VITALIZE, a seed fund and angel community investing in transformative WorkTech software and currently deploying capital out of a $23.4M Fund II and their 500+ member angel community.

Previously founded IrishAngels, one of the largest angel groups in the world. Gale has led $70M+ in early-stage deals across 125+ portfolio companies, and she has made 50 personal angel investments.

In this interview, Gale and KP delve into all-things VC and share their insights on topics such as:
00:00 Intro
03:02 The Work Tech Thesis
04:53 The Kauffman Fellowship Experience
05:47 Traits of a Great Investor
07:26 The Shift in the Venture Landscape
08:54 The Future of Venture Capital
09:46 Investment Strategy and Criteria
11:38 Lessons Learned from Fundraising
13:04 Choosing the Right Problem to Solve
18:32 The Discrepancy in Funding for Underrepresented Groups
25:28 Advice for Founders
34:53 Focus for the Future

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How VCs Raise Money From Investors (LPs) feat. Gale Wilkinson
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