Can Beehiiv Become A Billion Dollar Newsletter Startup?

Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features Tyler Denk, CEO of the multi million dollar start-up Beehiiv - a newsletter platform that helps creators launch, scale, and monetize their newsletters.

He and his co-founders were able to grow Beehiiv to $4M in annual revenue and raise tens of millions of dollars from top-tier investors.

In this interview, Tyler and KP talks about a wide range of topics covering tips, tactics and insights such as:
●     Intro (00:00)
●     Lessons from Tyler’s move from Morning Brew to Google (00:17)
●     What made him take the leap to Google (6:06)
●     On Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief’s relentlessness and leadership traits (10:06)
●     Beehiiv’s origin story (12:06)
●     The behind-the-scenes of building Beehiiv (17:33)
●     Beehiiv’s MVP and its killer features (21:41)
●     Barriers met and insights from building in a saturated category (24:39)
●     What makes Beehiiv different (31:03)
●     Other possibilities for Tyler if it were not building Beehiiv (36:21)
●     The most underrated aspect about newsletters (39:52)
●     Rapid Fire Segment with Tyler Denk (48:08)
●     Steps Beehiiv took in becoming a VC-backed startup (49:41)

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Can Beehiiv Become A Billion Dollar Newsletter Startup?
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