Lessons From Building a $100m Holding Company (feat. Michael Girdley)

Welcome to another episode of the Build In Public Podcast.

Today's episode features Michael Girdley, CEO of a $100m/yr holding company and a serial entrepreneur for 20 companies over 30 years in San Antonio. Michael is also a partner at the Geekdom Fund, a seed-stage tech venture capital fund that has invested in over 50 high-growth tech companies. He has also built a 195k+ Twitter following and a newsletter with over 20k readers. Now he enjoys teaching and helping founders online and created The Complete HoldCo Course

In this interview, Michael and KP go through a series of interesting topics such as:
●     (00:00) Intro
●     (04:11) How Michael got into entrepreneurship
●     (05:43) Being a geek and its definition
●     (08:33) Web programming with Java - first book Michael wrote
●     (11:11) How it felt after writing a book
●     (12:31) Michael as compared to a young Bill Gates
●     (13:52) Working hard vs Doing what you love
●     (14:58) Maintaining great output simultaneously
●     (17:29) Going all in on one company
●     (19:21) Michael’s experiences and lessons from Silicon Valley
●     (21:39) Community as a necessity for founders
●     (24:29) Michael’s favorite business heroes
●     (27:19) Looking back through decisions and regrets
●     (29:11) Advice to his 18 year old self
●     (32:11) Rapid Fire Round with Michael Girdley

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Michael on X: https://twitter.com/girdley
Michael’s website: https://girdley.com/
Michael’s Holdco course: https://holdco.girdley.com/
KP’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisiskp_
KP's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/KarthikPuvvadaKP
Lessons From Building a $100m Holding Company (feat. Michael Girdley)
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