Episode with Wes Kao (Co-Founder of Maven)

In this episode, I chatted with Wes Kao, co-founder of Maven, a startup that helps professionals teach cohort-based classes. Ever since it was announced last year, I've been following Maven's journey as an enthusiast of community-driven companies. Their latest raise is $20 million in a Series A round led by a16z after a $4.3 million seed led by First Round Capital. In this episode, we cover why cohort-based courses work much better than traditional courses, why building in public is key for creators, what Wes teaches in Maven's own cohort-based course and her unique spiky points of view. Wes was so gracious as a guest and I had a ton of fun chatting with her!
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Thread on Spiky POV:

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Episode with Wes Kao (Co-Founder of Maven)
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